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M’aide = “Help me” in French
we are here to help you in the kitchen so you can partake in breaking bread.
Founder of Kitchen M’aides

Jolene Dixon


Breaking bread.
How often are you breaking bread with friends & family?

As necessary for life as the bread you are breaking.

A family of 7 or your roommates and their friends.

A special treat for the love of your life or a cocktail party.

Taking time for yourself and others is vital to remind us what we are all here for — each other.

We can’t wait to help you spend more time enjoying the ones you LOVE.


HowIt Works



Event styling & spreads.
Impress your guests with creative, custom menus that are all your own style. Whatever your event, we can make it the most special! Whatever your dreams, we will make your occasion unforgettable.

We provide the highest level of service, freshly made cuisine, and delicious pies and desserts. You tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen for you and your guests. No menu is too small or too big. Whatever your tastes, our chef staff will design the menu you’re looking for.

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  • Kitchen M'aides prepared a Thanksgiving dinner for my family that was beyond amazing. Something for each and everyone's taste (and we're a diverse group!). Suffice it to say, I will never be able to live up to that feast myself. So Kitchen M'aides has become a family tradition.

    Meg Bennett
  • Kitchen M'Aides took on a large family dinner for us at short notice and between the various dietary restrictions and food allergies, it was a hard group to please. Not only was the food selection wonderful - course after course fast disappeared - the easy-going but totally attentive approach of Jolene and her staff made the evening relaxed and fun.  Their creative flair with the table and decor lent a festive atmosphere and a good time was had by all.
    Jennie Summerall
  • Kitchen M’aides has been the main ingredient when we’re planning our events and holiday parties. Christmases and Thanksgiving meals, a wedding event, and a few birthdays have been, not only convenient but easier and more delicious, thanks to Jolene. We can not wait to put in our next order for the holidays! Thanks for making our events more about spending time together, than in the kitchen!
    Joel Dunham